Child and Youth Project

This project would focus on children’s creativity and will place a focus on life events affecting children age 6 to 25. Children can help mentor or tutor others. They can help in volunteering at schools and in their communities. We will help children work on daily events affecting children and preparing presentations in their schools or community. This is a great way for young people to develop their skills and talents. The BNJ Foundation can sponsor the project in the child’s local primary school or community. These are some of the themes to consider:

We welcome interesting themes or subjects.

How do you stay aware of your surrounding?
Is there enough been done about bullying?
How can you stand up for your belief?
How can you avoid being easily offended?
Do you feel lonely at school or at home?
What are some of the best teachers and why?

This project consists of preparing a power point presentation and presenting it at your school and or community or organizing a round table with a minimum of 8 participants.

If you would like to provide a gift or make a donation on behalf of this program, we would greatly appreciate it. Together we can help empower our children and youth by offering them the support and resources they need to succeed and excel. .