Urgent Need for Ambulance

 West Cameroon, Africa is home to some of the country's most impoverished people, who have little-to-no access to basic healthcare, hospitals, prenatal care, clean water, and sanitation systems. In many cases, victims of serious automobile accidents are unable to reach the hospital or obtain the necessary medical assistance in the area.

When buses are involved in accidents, most passengers who sustain life-threatening injuries die due to the lack of immediate and urgent care. The limitation of urgent care services in rural areas cause many patients with special injuries to get inadequate treatments and often lead to death or long-term damages. An ambulance would rapidly provide emergency medical care to the sick and wounded for many years to come. Ambulances would provide support to over 30 villages with a population of approximately 90,000 people. Just one ambulance would prevent hundreds of needless deaths each year.

We continue our fundraising efforts to secure fully-stocked ambulances. Your generosity will help ensure our ability to save lives. All contributions are fully tax-deductible! Donations as little as $1.00 would go a long way to support our goal. If you are interested in donating and participating in this outreach opportunity or have questions, please feel free to:

 Email # info@bnjfoundation.org or call # 1(866) 756.3607

Thank you for helping us provide basic health services to the rural population.

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