Rural Well Project

Approximately 90 percent of the residents of Koutaba depend on groundwater. There are approximately 30,000 rural citizens who depend primarily on wells to meet their daily water needs. Pictured below is one of the only wells supplying water to the 30,000 villagers. The well was built by Nji Ncharre approximately 40 years ago and was modernized to what we see on the picture today.

The lack of access to clean and safe drinking water is the greatest cause of disease and poverty in Africa. We are asking for a $10 donation per person to dig more wells and provide closer access to clean water. Our goal is to bring clean, sustainable water supplies to within 5 miles of each village. By doing so, communities can be freed of this terrible situation. When you give to help build more wells, you'll make sustainable agriculture a reality. You will allow children to get back to school instead of collecting dirty water, which in some cases takes all day because of the distance. You'll help fathers find more time to care for their family, maintain the land, and maybe even run a small farm. 

You can help break the cycle of poverty. Your donation will help us increase the coverage of water supply and basic sanitation in rural areas. Any donation amount would be greatly appreciated. With $5000.00 and the help of villagers, we can build one well.