The P.E.S. Project: Join us as we work with community and family members to provide the needed with the basic necessities. Please we are in need of these items for the tour: gloves, bandages, alcohol pads, toothbrushes, mosquito nets, soap, blood pressure monitors, glucose meters and test strips, thermometers, stethoscopes, etc.

The Avocado Project: Help us empower villagers to grow and market avocadoes.

Support Homeless Children: Support us as we work with the government to get these children off the streets and into home and shelters.

The Gloves Project: Help us save lives by donating gloves to patients visiting the emergency rooms in countries abroad where many treatment facilities lack this fundamental protection and actually require patients to bring their own gloves if they wish to be consulted and treated.

Eliminate Childhood Illiteracy: Please help us as we collect books, tapes, CDs, and DVDs in our efforts to promote and encourage the fundamentals of reading.

DEAR Project (Disability Equipment for Assistance and Rehabilitation): Please assist in our efforts by donating sign language materials, CDs, tapes, etc. or any other equipment of your choice for the disabled.