Current Needs in the U.S.

The BNJ Foundation relies heavily on donations to further its efforts in helping the community in the USA. You can support our mission by collecting items at work, school, and your place of worship, or in your neighborhood.

 Our Health and Wellness program in the U.S. reviews important health issues for older adults and helps them live fit, active, and independent lifestyles while maintaining good health as they age. Today, the need to provide additional supportive services to enhance patient compliance and outcome is more than ever important. Each year in the United States, unpleasant drug events resulting from the use of medication, result in over 700,000 visits to hospital emergency departments. Many undesirable drug events are preventable. Patients and caregivers can help reduce the risk of harm from medicines by learning about medication safety. Thanks to the generous donations of people and organizations, we are increasing the level of assistance provided to our seniors.

Below is our current wish list, please contact us if you want to make a donation.


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*       Yellow Immunization Cards

*       Digital Manual Inflate Blood Pressure Machine

*       Compression Socks

*       Diabetic Socks


We like to thank you in advance to all our supporters and donors. Please email us if you would like to donate these items at

We can also arrange to pick the items up.