Does the foundation prioritize one goal over the other?
No. We are focusing on all 3 goals and will provide update on the progress once yearly with specifics on the achievement.

Can I designate my gift to a particular program?
Yes. You can specify to have your donation just for farming, health or education.

Will I receive a receipt for my gift that can be used when filing my income taxes?
Yes. We will acknowledge every contribution by sending a receipt that you will use when filing your income tax.

Is my gift tax deductible?
Yes. All gifts are tax deductible as applicable by the laws. We are strictly following the rules and regulations.

What percentage of my gift is used for management and administrative purposes?
5% of donation will support management and administrative expenses.

How can I inquire about volunteering my time?
Every year healthcare providers from different background donate their time for a one week tour once a year for free treatment of patients including minor surgery, child birth, dental cleaning and health education and counseling.

We will set a date at least 18 month before the planned trip.

Please email additional questions, ideas and comments at