Development/Fundraising/Special Events

The BNJ Foundation seeks individuals or organizations to oversee the planning and execution of corporate, charity, and fundraising events. The major tasks would include organizing, planning and marketing special events and fundraisers, including creating and producing all business communication materials, brochures, flyers.  Projects include promotions, advertising campaigns and materials development.

Volunteer Coordinator

The BNJ Foundation is seeking a Volunteer Coordinator with major responsibilities to recruit and train volunteers. The Volunteer Coordinator will hold regular meetings with volunteers and discuss upcoming events and ongoing needs, design a reward program for volunteers, and attend Volunteer’s Fairs. The working hours are flexible and could be only weekends. 

Web development

The BNJ Foundation is seeking a volunteer with web site development experience. The major tasks would include: updating the BNJ Foundation’s website; organizing, writing, and reviewing and editing the web content; create online survey to query website visitors on usage patterns, information requested and needs; maximize traffic to the BNJ Foundation website through search engine optimization.

Program Director

The BNJ Foundation is looking for a motivated candidate to join our board of directors. The duties will include the supervision of the programs, establish policies, procedures and safety guidelines for all programs; Communicate policy and information to program staff; Recruit, hire, and provide training and supervision of additional team members; contribute to the production of newsletter articles and other promotional materials.

Executive Assistant

The BNJ Foundation is looking for a volunteer to assume the role of executive assistant in our organization. The duties will include: Maintain the calendar plan for scheduling and fixing executive meetings; assist the clients, partners and executives in presentations and summarizing reports and documents; act as a representative of the executive in meetings, seminars and conferences.

Please let us know if you are interested in partnering, donating a product / service or simply joining our team. Your time and donations can change the life of many needy people around the world.