Based in Fairfax, Virginia we work with your help to support any child and or adult in need.

General Contact Information

  Online: Make a tour of our website from the home page to the news page. If you like to support us by making a tax-deductible donation, you just need to click on the "donation " button and enter your information. The page is secure. You will receive a confirmation email with a receipt that you can use while filing your taxes. After your donation has been made, you will receive a follow up thank you email from a member of our team.

  Email: You can email any comment or questions.

  Phone: 1(866) 765-3607; 7am – 9pm EST, 7 days a week. We accept donations by phone.

  Fax:  1 (866) 765-3607

  By Mail: BNJ Foundation ORG, 816 N. Main, Suite 124 Lansing, KS, 66043

    Social Media: Follow us on Facebook and Twitter to receive News and Updates. You can communicate by going thru our Website and blog.

Thank you for your interest in the BNJ Foundation. Your comment and any feedback about this Website are very important to us.

"At time of need, we do not look first at the Race, Color, Creed or Origin; the car one drives or house one owns, we take action."
          ~Jean Ncharre