Agriculture Project in Cameroon

We launched the "Agriculture Project" in 2011 to support the country's poorest families. Following severe drought or too much rain, West Cameroon suffers a nutrition emergency. In agriculture, our team comprised of Mrs. Ngamchera and Dr. Owona Adija have created a community farm that is being utilized by hundreds of families at no cost to the families.

West Cameroon has one of the richest soils in the country. Farming is a good way for villagers to feed themselves and to get out of poverty. It is very difficult for families to prepare fields for new growth. We educate the villagers about growing nutritional foods and also how to generate income through mass production. Families receive the seeds, pesticides and also the land where they cultivate.

For only $20.00 you can empower a family to help themselves and others in the village. With your help we can end the cycle of poverty in West Cameroon.