Education – Ensure orphans, disabled, and under-privileged children acquire the education, skills, and resources necessary to succeed.
Farming – Provide program, services, and opportunities for farmers in remote areas by anticipating their needs and helping with resources that would enhance their production and growth.
Healthcare – Lead health promotion and disease prevention efforts by bringing together a team of healthcare professionals in remote and disaster areas to meet the health needs of the population.



  • Short term goals: Help families understand the importance of education and motivate them to send their children to school. Donate school supplies for their kids and offer financial support.
  • Long term goals: Build libraries in area where all children can escape and find a peaceful area for research and study.


  • Short term goals: Encourage young people in the villages and cities without work to understand the importance of farming and how they could help reduce mal-nourishment thru agriculture.  Help improve the villager’s lives by offering them seeds, fertilizers, and financial help to improve their output.
  • Long term goals: Help villagers transition from just self-production thru marketing their product by providing technical skills needed to succeed in agriculture.

Health and Wellness:

  • Short term goals: Provide needed medical supplies; promote early screening, immunization and dental hygiene, effective disease prevention, and the safe use of medication.
  • Long term goals: Organize a volunteer program that would provide minor care and health education in the rural areas and in time of emergencies. Volunteers must be qualified healthcare providers and can sign up for a one week tour once a year in the specified areas. Build infirmaries where people can receive treatment.